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Privacy Policy

Updated and effective as of: 09 December 2021

Privacy? BAND-ADE B.V. has got you covered.
In this document, we explain how we and our business partners handle information about you. Questions? You know where to find us. Right here:

Nice to meet you. We are BAND-ADE B.V., and this is what we do.
The TAPSODY® App is owned by the company BAND-ADE B.V. (that’s us). Together with our partners, we’re developing and currently hosting the TAPSODY® App. BAND-ADE B.V. is the party responsible for all the personal data processing that takes place through the app and through our website.

Why are you reading this? Well...
In order for us to provide you with great services through our app and through our website, we need to process certain types of personal data. Personal data is information from which we can deduce that the information you provide us is about you. Personal data can include your name, age, and postal code. For example, we need your name as a fan so that you can make donations to your favorite artists on the app.

At BAND-ADE B.V., transparency is one of our core values. That’s why we’re completely upfront about the data we use, how we use it, and for how long. And that’s exactly what you will read about in this policy. We, therefore, recommend that you read this policy carefully.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data, or if you find this information to be unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us (see the end of this statement).

In short, what do we do to process your personal data safely and carefully?
During the processing of personal data, we work in accordance with the requirements of the applicable national and European data protection legislation.

This means we:

  • Clearly specify our purposes before we process personal data, by using this privacy statement,
  • Limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data needed for these purposes,
  • Ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in the cases where your permission is required (like marketing cookies),
  • Take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and we demand the same from parties who process personal data on our behalf,
  • Respect the rights you have as the person whom this data is about (“data subject”) such as the right to access, correct, or delete your personal data held by us.

How did we meet again?
BAND-ADE B.V. has two platforms you might visit as a user. These are our app and our webpage. Firstly, we will tell you about the use of our app and secondly about our webpage.

TAPSODY® – the app
Our app is used by four different types of users. We have fans, artists, service providers and venue programmers. Depending on the capacity in which you’re using our platform, we have different types of personal data that we process about you. The categories of personal data include:

  • FANS: nickname, (last)names, contact details like your e-mail address, favorite gen-res, location, social media accounts,
  • ARTISTS: band name, band members’ names, contact details, location, and social media accounts,
  • VENUES: venue names, employees and contact persons’ names, contact details.
  • SERVICE PROVIDERS: business names, employees and contact persons’ names, contact details.

We also process any other data you might provide in your account whilst onboarding or using the app. Depending on what type of user you are, we have different processes wherein we use your personal data. To break it down for you, we will provide you with some information per process, so you know exactly what happens in which situation.

1. Registration
All users who download the app must register to be able to use the app. You will have to provide some information about yourself and choose a username and password to set up your account.

For this purpose, we use your name and address details, phone number, email address, your location (fans/artists/venues), favorite genres (fans/artists/venues), and social media accounts. We need this data because of our agreement with you. We will retain this data to be able to execute the agreement between us, and to contact you, if necessary, regarding invoicing and payment, or to provide an overview of the products and services you have purchased from us. Also, we retain this data so that you do not have to re-enter it every time you visit our app. We store this information for three months after you have closed your account.

2. Handling your order
We will use your personal data minimally when handling an order for an event, or to book an artist. We will share your data with the payment provider to process the payment.

For this purpose, we use your name and address details, email address, and nickname. By using this data, we can provide you with proof of your order. We also need this data because of our agreement with you. We store this information until your order has been completed. Certain types of personal data will be retained for 7 years after the purchase with regards to the legal tax retention.

To be able to process your payment when handling your order, we work with a third party.

3. Access to settings dashboard
Within our app, you can access a management environment where you can set, specify, and change your settings. We will keep track of your activities for proof.

For this purpose, we use your name and address details, email address, location, and favorite genres. We need this data because of our agreement with you. We store this information for three months after our services to you have ended and you have canceled your subscription.

4. Statistics and profiling
We keep statistics on the use of our app. These statistics help us to, for example, show you information that is most relevant to you. We may combine and analyze personal data to get to know more about you. We will, of course, always respect your privacy.

For this purpose, we use your name and address details, email address, nickname, location, and favorite musical genres. We have a legitimate interest in doing this because these data insights are necessary for us to provide our services to you whilst you are using our app and to develop the services further on. We store this information until you close your account and end your subscription.

5. Promotion
Other than the advertisements on the app, we can inform you about new products or services by e-mail.

You can opt-out of this promotional communication at any time as every e-mail contains an “unsubscribe” link. You can also inform us that you want to opt-out by sending us an e-mail or by disabling promotional communications in the app.

6. Advertisements
Our app may show generic advertisements. We also use native ads, sponsored by organizations that we have partnerships with. To be able to show you personalized ads, we process personal data. We do this based on your consent, which you might give when you are registering the app. If you do not want personalized ads to be shown, you can adjust this in the settings of the app. This information is not stored any longer than necessary to show the relevant ads.

Do we share your personal data with third parties?
For some parts of the app, we collaborate with other organizations that may receive your personal data. Some of these parties are established outside the European Union. Of course, we ensure necessary additional safeguards in case this third country does not live up to our European data protection standards. For this, we use the European Standard Contractual Clauses.

And how did we get here again? Back to the App Store/Google Play:
The app providing the service has been downloaded via a third-party app store. We have no influence on which personal data the provider will process or to what purpose it will be processed. We recommend that you read the applicable privacy statement of the provider in question.

Processing of personal data via our webpage
On our webpage we process some personal data about you as our guest, in the following manners:

1. Newsletter
If you subscribe to our newsletter via our website, we will process your name and e-mail address so that we can send you our newsletter.

To be able to facilitate this, we work with Mailchimp, who provides you with their information on privacy right here. We process these personal data based on your consent. If you would like to opt out of the newsletters, just scroll to the bottom of one of our newsletters, and you will find the unsubscribe button that immediately removes you from our newsletter list. After unsubscribing, we will delete your personal data as soon as possible and at least within 4 weeks of your unsubscribing.

2. Cookies
Our website makes use of cookies. Cookies are small files in which we can store information so that you do not have to fill in that information again. We can also use them to see whether you are visiting us again.

The first time you visit our website, we will show you a notification explaining the use of cookies. We ask for your permission for the use of cookies, unless they are necessary to provide services to you. You can disable the use of cookies through your browser setting, but some parts of our website may not work properly as a result of that.

We’ve made arrangements with other parties who place cookies through our website. Nevertheless, we cannot fully control what they are doing with their cookies, so please read their privacy statements as well.

The cookies that we use are the following:

Google Tag Manager (Google LLC, United States) / retention per session - Cookies from Google Tag Manager enable the loading of scripts from other cookies. Google Tag Manager is purely functional and is not used to collect personal data.  Google's Privacy Statement.  

Google Analytics (Google LLC, United States) / retention maximum of two years - These cookies are placed to gain insight into visitor behavior and to improve the user experience. Google's Privacy Statement.

3. Our website features social media buttons
These buttons are used by the providers of these services to collect your personal data.

Some last things we want to tell you...

Providing data to third parties
Except for the third parties necessary to deliver the above-mentioned services to you, we do not, under any circumstance, provide your personal data to other companies or organizations, unless we are required to do so by law (for example, when the police demand access to personal data in case of a suspected crime).

We take security measures to reduce misuse of, and unauthorized access to, personal data. We take responsibility for the security of your personal data. We monitor our security measures to ensure the safe storage of personal data.

Changes to this privacy statement
We reserve the right to modify this policy. We recommend that you consult this policy on a regular basis so that you remain informed of any changes. If you are signed up for our app, we will notify you in case we make changes to our privacy policy.

Inspection and modification of your data
You can always contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or wish to review, modify or delete your personal data.

You have the following rights:

  • Right of access: you have the right to see what kind of personal data we have processed about you.
  • Right of rectification: you have the right to rectify any personal data that we have processed about you, if this information is (partially) wrong.
  • Right to complain: you have the right to file a complaint against the processing of your personal data by us, or against direct marketing.
  • Right to be forgotten: you can file a request with us to remove any personal data we have processed of you.
  • Right to data portability: if technically possible, you have the right to ask us to transfer your processed personal data to a third party.
  • Right to restriction of processing: you can file a request with us to (temporarily) restrict the processing of your personal data.

If you have given your consent for the use of certain processing of personal data, you always have the possibility to revoke your consent for this personal data. If you exercise any of the rights mentioned above, we might ask you to identify yourself with a valid ID, to confirm it is your personal data. If so, it is important that you hide your social security number and photo.

We will usually respond to your request within one month. This term can be extended by us if the request proves to be complex or tied to a specific right. You will be notified about a possible extension of this term.

If you want to file a complaint about our use of personal data, please send an e-mail with the details of your complaint to We will investigate and respond to any complaints that we receive.

If you think that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch privacy authority (the complaint form can be found here).

Questions or remarks? Feel free to contact us!

Contact details:
Rotterdam, the Netherlands