TAPSODY-Connect to the independent music community in a whole new way

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Connect to the independent music community
in a whole new way

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A better way to book, record, practice, and play.

TAPSODY® App lets you (1) discover the newest independent musicians, venues, and service providers on the app, (2) save them to your favourites and (3), easily contact and book them for your next music event or project!

  • View service providers, venues, NFTs and the hottest independent artists around.

  • Easily view profiles and important data. Book the right independent artist or service for your next event or project!

  • Booking a band is easy. Share basic info about the gig and the band will receive a notification directly in the app.

  • A single overview of all your bookings, including booking status, dates and times.

  • Save your favourites and personalize the app to get the most out of our community!

This is TAPSODY® App

The new platform that’s upending the grassroots of the independent music industry.

Frequently Asked

  • When and where is the TAPSODY® app available?

    The minimum viable product (MVP) of the app is available in the App Store and on Google play. Feel free to download it, check it out, and let us know what you think!

  • Is the app free?

    Yes. Downloading and using the app is free for everyone. As a startup, our goal is to provide maximum value for our users and to create a great app experience.

    In the future, we may introduce paid services in the app. If we do this, our users will be well informed about this and will be given the freedom to use these services or not.

  • Which venues are available on the app?

    We are currently talking to venues in the Netherlands and Belgium that have a capacity of 50 to 150 seats.

  • How good are the AI-generated recommendations in the app?

    Our AI-generated recommendations are based on the data that we collect on the app. The more data we have, the better the recommendations will be.

    We take every precaution to protect, organize and interpret our data. However, we cannot guarantee that every recommendation will be 100% accurate for every user.

  • What else should I know?

    The TAPSODY® app is designed to make the interaction between active music industry members more fun, straightforward and convenient. We aim for all parties to be more successful by offering a means to make sound business decisions based on our data.

    The TAPSODY® app makes it easier to get there, but naturally, we cannot influence the outcomes of business decisions made via the app.